Twilight in the Crypt


At our first-ever GCF late, we descend to the vaulted crypt for a collaboration with Glasgow Experimental Music Series, presenting world premieres by Edwin Hillier and Hunter Coblentz, two young composers at the forefront of the UK’s new music scene.

Lattice (Hunter Coblentz) is composed for four musicians and 27 glasses, tuned to a series of pitches spiralling away from a central key towards infinite space. As performers tilt the singing glasses from side to side, we hear the changes in pitch produce pulsing, fizzing interactions that fill the cavernous space with ethereal, wandering music.

Dhātu (Edwin Hillier) is a spatial composition, scored for two percussionists, three singers, and live electronics. These elements combine to create a constellation of fragile overtones from singing bowls and other metals, bowed and struck by the performers, manipulated by the grainy lo-fi electronics of analogue dictaphones. With the audience surrounded by an immersive speaker setup and performers moving through the space, this late-night performance will be a visceral and unique experience.

Hunter Coblentz Lattice (World Premiere)
Edwin Hillier Dhātu (World Premiere)

Glasgow Experimental Music Series was instigated in 2014 by composer and performer Gregor Forbes, dedicated to showcasing fresh new work by young and local composers in Scotland alongside work by internationally renowned experimentalists. The first GEMS mini-festival runs 1–3 November 2019, across various venues in Glasgow.

Event 3

Thu 26 September 2019
21:30 – 22:30

Glasgow Cathedral
Castle Street
Glasgow G4 0QZ